Augmented intelligence

Augmented intelligence is a form of AI that uses data and algorithms to improve the performance of automated systems, but differs from traditional AI by using human intelligence to increase performance. It uses human expertise and know-how to improve the results of automated systems. It is more real and less artificial because it relies on human best practices and knowledge to improve results. It creates automated systems that perform better and are tailored to the real needs of users

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Human Intelligence

Human intelligence is the ability to reason, learn, understand abstract concepts, use language, perceive and interact with the environment, with self-awareness and emotions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence by machines, usually using machine learning and data processing techniques to solve complex problems.


AndaluAi augmented intelligence brings together traditional AI and human intelligence to improve the performance of automated systems by combining data and algorithms with human expertise and know-how.

Augmented Intelligence

AndaluAi is a leader in the field of augmented intelligence, offering innovative solutions for businesses. We combine the latest AI technologies with human expertise and know-how to solve business and industrial problems. Whether you want to automate repetitive tasks, improve forecasting accuracy, or customize the user experience, we have the expertise to help you with your project.

Our services

Automatic learning

We use advanced techniques to create predictive models that can be used for tasks such as fraud detection, demand forecasting or speech recognition.

Computer vision

The use of advanced techniques to analyze images or videos, such as facial recognition, traffic recognition, video surveillance, product inspection, etc.

Natural language understanding

We will enable computers to understand human language, such as speech recognition, language generation, machine translation, document classification, etc.

Data analysis

Our augmented intelligence techniques to analyze large amounts of data, such as trend detection, customer segmentation, anomaly detection, forecasting, etc.


We use augmented intelligence to optimize advertising campaigns, evaluate product performance, understand consumer behavior, identify market trends, and more.


We use augmented intelligence to personalize user experiences based on user preferences and behaviors, such as product recommendations, search results, targeted ads, etc.


We use augmented intelligence to diagnose diseases, develop treatment plans, monitor patients remotely, improve quality of care, and more.


We use augmented intelligence to improve agricultural yields, to optimize farming practices, to monitor crops, to detect diseases, etc.

Examples of our projects


Utilise des techniques de traitement de l'image et de reconnaissance de maladies pour améliorer les rendements et réduire les pertes.


Augmented intelligence to offer the best real estate offers to its customers, as well as a real estate exchange system for investors


Our Bienfly platform uses augmented intelligence to predict airfares and help users find the best deals.


MyDubbing allows you to create voice-overs for your videos in multiple languages using augmented intelligence, automatically translating your videos, saving you time in creating quality content.


Our Rank4win platform uses AI to help companies improve their search engine rankings and increase their online awareness. Using data analysis and machine learning techniques, Rank4win is able to optimize keywords and content strategies to improve the ranking of websites in search results.

Some members of our team

Maher W

CEO. Researcher and creator of new technologies

Stéphanie M

Data scientist

Jeremy V

Leaders Developers

Patricia F

Senior Software Developer


UI/UX Engineer

Marc L

Data scientist